How bad was the 12th Headies #12Headies ?

May 7, 2018


How bad was the 12th Headies #12Headies ?

The Headies is an event established in 2006 by the Hip Hop World Magazine of Nigeria to recognize outstanding achievement in the Nigerian music industry. The annual ceremony was meant to showcase the best of entertainment Nigeria has to offer. It features performances by established and promising artists. In context, the Headies is Nigeria’s Grammy Awards. Many look up to the award ceremony. For established artists, it is a pat on the back while for upcoming artists they take it has a stamp in the industry.

Over the years, the Headies has had it’s fair share of criticism from unfounded stories to PR stunt to the sincerity and integrity of winners. This year wasn’t any different, in fact, there were no mincing words on some of the category winners, it was expected.

Here is what we could decode from the Headies this year;

Absence/Lateness of Artists

Besides the artists performing, some of the artists showed up late and while some were totally absent from the event. If the Headies is regarded as the most important event artists why should some people boycott or disregard the event? Except, of course, some people (artists) believe the event organizers are partial in its dealings. In 2016, Tekno displayed his displeasure at the “highly” regarded event. The event organizers might want to work on their integrity and other dealings. Having an award ceremony where most of the artists are not showing up to pick up their awards is not a good image for the brand.

Good music did not make the cut

While Simi who has had a fantastic year won three different awards, other artists we can say that do good music went home with nothing. One to note is Adekunle Gold, really? Adekunle Gold has had a fantastic year and no award for his hard work. This has always been my problem with the voting mechanism to decide winners. Only the popular get to win, the unpopular goes home with nothing.

JohnyDrille who brought a different type of music genre was really hoping to get an award but by now must have realized that the idea of winning can be orchestrated. All you need is to get votes any means possible. The popular guys won’t have issues with that especially with their huge fan base.

Mentorship and Platforms are needed

The DNA of the entertainment industry is wired around mentorships and platforms. The Alibaba facto helped to bring about the comedy industry we have today by giving other young chaps the platform to show their talents. This is the case of the DMW dynasty headed by David Adeleke AKA Davido. It is not strange that Mayorkun won next rated. It is the work of his mentor and supporter. What Davido has done for the DMW boys is another story for another day. The entertainment needs more DMW’s with good intentions for their prodigies.

No new blood

Part of the excitement for events like the Headies is the fact that we hope to hear new names. This was the case this year. The new kids on the block did not even go as far as entry position talkless of awards. We cant grow if we don’t find ways to celebrate these youngsters. Not everyone can have platforms like Mayorkun or Wizkid. Awards like this are meant to expose the new sensations.

Overall, the 12th edition of the Headies was by far the best so far. Which means there is still a lot of work to be done. The precipice of music industry lies in the hand of the Headies.

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