A feminist versus an independent woman

May 8, 2018


A feminist versus an independent woman

Sometimes I wonder if our generation hasn’t gotten it all wrong. It is one thing to be an Independent woman and another to be a feminist. Who is a feminist to you? Please do not go with the shallow definition that describes a feminist as just a trouser wearing, dominant, bossy alpha female (although there is nothing wrong with that) who wants to do a man’s job. Let’s take a moment to really think about what feminism is to us, and then try to define an independent woman.

My personal belief is that all feminists are independent women, but not all independent women are feminists. Please feel free to disagree, my aim in this post is to provoke deep thought that will end in learning for all.

Feminism to me is POWER, not the power for women to rule over men, after all, Ms. Adichie advocates that WE SHOULD ALL BE FEMINISTS (women and men), but the belief that a woman should have the power to decide her future, that she should have the power to make decisions about her body, the power to fight for her right to be educated, the power to have the confidence in her ability and not have to defend her success at every turn.

Feminism to me is forcing the world to have this seemingly uncomfortable conversation about gender equity! Particularly at this time where women and girls have been put on a back-burner.

The answer to the initial question lies in our personal definition of the now popular hashtag and controversy feminism. This is a question we all have to pose sincerely to ourselves, and although for an unknown reason, it may seem like a looming threat to manhood we must get the conversation going.

For a refresher, see Ms. Adichie’s TED talk

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