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There is no gain in hating your friends

May 8, 2018


There is no gain in hating your friends

Have you ever felt that burst of jealousy for someone, or the need to have what they have? Have you ever felt like you deserve what they have because you believe you worked harder?

That feeling so akin to hate, that we either end up convincing ourselves that we are doing the right thing, or we end up feeling guilty. What happens when the subject of our envy is our friends or our family members. It’s one thing to be a #Hater to a stranger and another thing to feel that way about our ‘personal persons’.

I wouldn’t lie, there have been times that I’ve felt immense jealousy for people, strangers and friends alike. I’m not going to judge or claim moral high ground because I have fought daily to free myself from envy.

I remember envying people because of their clothes, their hair, their fancy accent, the multiple visas stamps on their passport, their brand new uniforms every term, their full lockers, and even their character and confidence. I could have definitely won the award for the most envious!!!

Just because your friends have higher Instagrams likes and Twitter likes don’t make them better than you.

The thing is, we forget how much we have, how much we got going for us. Whenever you feel that way, whenever you have the need to “hate on” others because of envy, take a mirror, look deeply at yourself and count your blessings, go through your pictures on your phone or on social media and be grateful, think of the people who love you and be confident and even more grateful.

Whenever the “green-eyed monster” rears his head, SHUT HIM DOWN!!!

You’ve seen Nollywood movies right, there is usually a bad ending for the jealous!!

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