Why being single might just be a blessing

May 8, 2018


Why being single might just be a blessing

You and I know why we are still single right? We are either too picky or have very vague characteristics about our prince charming. Let me gist you about what happened to one of my female friends.

She was just 22 at that time and we just graduated from Universty and waiting to go for service. In the meantime, she was jobless. Instead of her to enroll somewhere to learn a skill or two, she woke up and slept all day. We all do that in the name of balancing all our sleepless nights during school days.

Without a lot to do and a lot of time on her hands, the attention of a young man was not unwanted. Mind you, she had never really had a serious boyfriend despite all efforts by guys to get. She was waiting for prince charming. She had boys she liked, but either they didn’t like her back, or they no get the liver to ask her out. So, here she was, never really had a boyfriend, sexually inexperienced — apart from kissing and small boobies pressing, that was all.

There was this guy, she didn’t find him attractive, to be honest. But he was available. Just like her, he too had just graduated and was waiting for service.

He was naïve just like her, a few kisses here and there, and few boobies pressing here and there, and she was ready to move on. That was her plan with the guy. Instead of her to tell him she did not want any strings attached because he didn’t match her prince charming status, she didn’t. The innocent guy picked up all the wrong signals.

She would go to his house to see him and the guy would be expecting something intimate. One day he asked for s^x and she was like ‘’is this one okay? “ They finally break up, what was supposed to be a fling became hatred for one another.

There is so much about relationships that you should not rush into it. You should ask yourself, why I am going into this relationship with this guy. Are we going to help each other grow?

Wait what do I even know, I am in my late twenties and still single. I am silently looking for my Queen. One thing I know is relationships without solid foundation doesn’t last, so why venture into something that will not last? But that is why we are young, the only time to try out new things.

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