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Ajegunle to the world: Kolapo, CEO Kaypee Footwears is building a world class brand locally

May 14, 2018


Ajegunle to the world: Kolapo, CEO Kaypee Footwears is building a world class brand locally

In a world where people see shoemakers as people who just mend shoes and sandals, YC caught up with Kolapo Omoyoloye (CEO, Kaypee footwears) who stands out with his works.

Please introduce yourself?

I am Kolapo Omoyoloye, a graduate of food science and tech. I am also the CEO, Kaypee footwears.

What was your childhood like?

Well, I grew up in the rugged city of Ajegunle where all we do is walk around playing and visiting friends without a vision. I later relocated to Ondo state. This was where I began to see life from a different perspective.

What was it like growing up in Ajegunle?

It was by his grace I did not become a wayward child. Because I remembered the son of who I am. So I was always indoors, reading and watching wrestling because that was my dad’s favorite.

You cannot live a drama free day in Ajegunle because every day is a new episode which never gets old.

Could you shed more light on the perspective you saw?

When you move with the right group of friends, it gives you a sense of purpose. You want to be like them and do things collectively.

How did you come about kaypee footwears?

Kaypee is the short form of (kolapo). It all started like a joke when I chose Shoe making as a skill back in school. I know everyone hates the name “shoemaker” but I knew within myself that I could make a big brand from that skill which is now a reality.

What makes your brand different from everyone?

Hmmmmm, I see all shoe brands as the same because all materials needed is gotten from a source
but you stand out when your costumers see that you are sincere and pay attention to detailed information about the shoe they want. Which is what I am doing with Kaypee footwears. Attention to details is key and very important to the brand I am building.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

As cliché as it may sound, I get my inspiration from God Almighty (brand Jesus), friends and families. I also watch fashion shows to see what is trending as well.

What is your advice to youths still trying to figure out their passion

Take that bold step to learn a skill.

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