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Style guide on how to create first impressions

May 16, 2018

Style guide on how to create first impressions

In a world filled with short attention spans, where trust isn’t gained easily, you need to get people to like you immediately they see you.

You need to be pleasantly memorable. Not certain as to how you can achieve this? Worry no more, I have you covered.

Everywhere you go, people are watching you, their eyes are literally crawling all over you to ascertain certain perceptions of you in their hearts. People are asking these two significant questions – Can I Trust You? Can I Respect You?

As a sequel to my book 20 Ways To Create First Impressions Professionally? This simple breakdown points will help you nail your first impressions every time.

Always be on time

It is ethical suicide to be known as a late person. Punctuality is a habit. You have the power to make it yours.

Greet people properly

In this part of the world; especially in Lagos, Nigeria, improper greeting has taken its root deep down into our society. I suggest you make it a habit to always greet people properly because it sets the tone for how you will be perceived throughout the entire interaction. When you greet someone, smile and make strong eye contact, offer your name and give a firm but gentle handshake. If you are in a foreign environment, learn their customs of greeting and do it properly.

Assume they like you already

You know how excited, not pressured you are when you see a favorite old high school friend? I want you to be like that when you meet someone you want to impress. This creates a shift in your mind and brings you to a very comfortable state of interaction. The key here is not to over-do it but to still behave and interact with that similar energy and positive vibe.

Learn Their Name, Remember It and Say It Often

Nothing is as beautiful to ones’ ears as his/her name. People care a lot about their name but most importantly about how it is pronounced. When interacting with new people, make it a habit to say it consistently through the conversation. E.G “Dimtang, tell me about your best part of today” or “ I absolutely enjoyed  spending time with you yesterday, Mike.”

Control Your Body Language

Ever heard the phrase “as cool as a cat”. Cats are creatures that have mastered the use of body language to create impressions. Nod often when being spoken to. Smile and chuckle when someone says something funny. Learn and master the Chameleon Effect which is also known as Mirroring. For clarity, google it.

Wear The Right Uniform

Always dress for the occasion. Unlike to contrary belief, there’s always a dress code. If it’s a casual setting, dress casually. It will be folly to wear an Agbada to a beach party. But mind you, when dressing, your clothing has to communicate positive messages about you, your status and maybe sometimes your profession.


About the Author

An Author and Style Advisor, who’s biggest mission is to make individuals and corporate organizations LOOK QUALIFIED enough to attract the opportunities they qualify for by showing them how they can leverage on their clothing as a weapon to command respect and fuel their self-confidence. In his book – 20 Ways to Create First Impressions Professionally, he explores how people make up their minds very quickly about you, your leadership potential, or your company and how they use that opinion to define & judge you.

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