The royal wedding is over, but we cant stop thinking about it.

May 21, 2018


The royal wedding is over, but we cant stop thinking about it.

I was watching scrolling through channels on my DSTV recently, when I saw the royal wedding. I’m like Waoooooh.

I began to ask myself, is it me that is earning 45,000 NGN per month that would announce my wedding on TV channels. The royal wedding is happening and the whole world is talking about it. That is definitely one of my fantacies. I went to bed dreaming if you know what I mean.

On the wedding day, I was in my room, switched on my laptop and was watching the event. This time I was looking to see something I had never seen before. I was astonished by what I saw, and behold I remembered my Naija brides.

Today’s bride who didn’t wear 10 different outfits is that one a bride? All I saw was just two simple and classic dress worn by the bride. Quite expensive but absolutely not to too expensive for the decency it radiates. It didn’t have decorations all over like a gladiators uniform.

Just before I could spell jack she was unveiled, bride with no makeup?  I pondered about this for some time, I could see her pores and it was the same girl on TV. I was expecting to see an excessively decorated barbie on some Cinderella kinda gown and an eyelash extruding like the blades of a tired ceiling fan or didn’t the makeup artist know it’s her wedding for crying out loud?

She didn’t even put street light on her face, oh sorry highlighter that’s what they call it. How about the contouring, someone should do well to show me cos I didn’t notice.

Horses? What happened to Porshe or has it bee exhausted for birthday gifts alone? I’m sure these guys didn’t know its a once in a lifetime experience o,  or is this a rehearsal?

You could have used a bigger and more evident diamond and not just a stud,  after all, the bigger the easier it is to show off.

Mbok what happened to the asoebi and ore iyawo ati white demons,

Entry dance me I didn’t see…

My thoughts all through Saturday, why am I saying all these? Yes, we all differ and we all have our choices to make. But one thing this is telling me is that the event on the wedding is not a yardstick for marital bliss, I don’t want to start analyzing the wedding a lot of us dream of having. The recent hike in bride’s choice is overwhelming. 10 appearances, 10 different food, 10different asoebi. Sometimes I wonder if wedding day is now a course in school that we must carry first. I do not understand why the rich go simple and the broke go loud. If you know please tell me. I’m only thinking out loud.

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