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Pamilerin made his first million naira in revenue at the age of 19

May 21, 2018


Pamilerin made his first million naira in revenue at the age of 19

If you are conversant with social media, you would have come across ThePamilerin. ThePamilerin is a popular brand on social media. His tweets, Instagram posts are unique and this has stood him out among social media influencers in Nigeria. YC caught up with him recently, and he was willing to share his story.

His story

Adegoke Pamilerin, known as ThePamilerin is a Social Media Influencer/ Digital Marketer. According to Pamilerin, his life changed for the better after meeting AyeniTheGreat, “After school, I attended a lot of conferences and then I met Ayeni Adekunle Samuel (ATG) the owner of Blackhouse media at one of the events. We got talking, had meetings and he asked me to come work for him.”

Pamilerin was born into a family of six children. He was the kind of person you would call a “daddy’s boy”. After school, he would go to his dad’s office. That is where he learnt Graphic designing. Pamilerin grew up in a “chronic” Christian family.

Attending Church was a must for us while growing up

During his secondary school days, young Pamilerin was a timid fellow and belonged to the class of people that we now call nerds. He kept a small circle of friends who they studied together. It is hard to believe that ThePamilerin we know today was once a shy person.

I was very shy in secondary school, so my circle was small. I was a bookworm and had friends who we do overnight at each other houses sometimes

Everything changed for Pamilerin after leaving secondary school. His parents wanted him to have job security by studying maritime engineering. But as fate will have it, Pamilerin found his passion and his innate abilities during school. Though he wanted to study computer science which was what he had an affinity for. Speaking of parents who want their wards to study a particular course, Pamilerin advised that they find out what their kids really love to do and not impose on them.

When your parents want you to study a particular course and you have no choice than to do it. I went to University and studied marine engineering instead of computer science that I wanted to study. 

How it all began

While Pamilerin was in school, he realised he wanted more and that he had so many unanswered questions. This led him to attend several conferences in search of answers. In one of the numerous conferences he attended, he met  Ayeni Adekunle Samuel (ATG) (CEO, Blackhouse Media Group). This was where his life changed and had a purpose. He got a job at BHM at a very young age with little or no experience. ATG was willing to gamble on young Pamilerin because he could see the passion he had.

ThePamilerin knew he had to prove himself at BHM, so he would read up online and attend classes on social media as well. This was the beginning of his social media influencer journey. Over the years Pamilerin has worked for several brands and celebrities. ThePamilerin brand made his first million naira in revenue at the age of 19. and Up until now, he is one of the highest paid social media influencers in Nigeria.

His first big break was a job he did for Pepsi in 2015 and since then, ThePamilerin has worked for top brands both local and international.

The future

Pamilerin has plans to dive into several sectors beyond digital marketing in the coming years. We should not be surprised if he starts a record label or gets acting roles in movies. The best of Pamilerin is yet to come and we hope to see more of him very soon.

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