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Flying Without Wings

May 28, 2018


Flying Without Wings

I’m 25, it automatically means I’ve been in this world some nine thousand one hundred and twenty-five days, two hundred and ninety-one thousand hours, a thirteen million one hundred and fourteen thousand mins.
And yes, 25 looks so small but really much when we consider age over just numbers.
Well maybe measuring your age with time is a bit hard on you, let’s try to count our age by the number of people we’ve met. I’m so sure we will lose count and the list, endless.
It only means that every day is an opportunity to retry.
I recall vividly my younger brother telling me one evening when he came to my room, he said sis, I really do not know why a similar event happens to me.
I really can’t explain why I have to make mistakes.
He was conscious…
How long have you lived, don’t get deceived about the number, how much have you learnt? don’t just look at the life-threatening experience. If you don’t all realize that it is too late to not try.
Time is of an essence and a bit unpredictable but very promising, a lot of people wait for others to begin so they’ll see if its possible, others are ready to lead without learning, they are not afraid of mistakes because they are in control they are frontiers, they learn, they persist.
I remember when I was much younger, there were lots of things I said I would do at a certain age… The won’t happen if you don’t do them.
Begin now… Its too late to not try, time might not have wings but it does fly, look back a bit at the people you’ve met, at the opportunities you’ve missed, at the successes, at the number of hours, at the number of people who have gone on before, at the number of births you’ve seen, at the number of trends in resent times, and all realize that time waits for no one and it does fly if you count your years beyond numbers alone.
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