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Loving the wrong person

May 28, 2018


Loving the wrong person

Loving Mr. Wrong!

You steal a glance during working hours and thousands of emotions start to develop within you and you imagine what being in his arms right now will feel like and almost immediately you remember he’s taken and this is never going to change. He’s never going to be yours! You’re only loving Mr. Wrong.

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I don’t think it’s love, this is a pure definition of lust. You know what makes the whole story more complicated? No, you don’t, well I’d tell you. Mr. Wrong notices how you stare at him with lust in your eyes and decides to lead you on and unfortunately, he’s got the smoothest flows and you fall deeply in love with Mr. Wrong, you fall so deep that the only thing you think about his texting him almost immediately after work.

You can’t pick up your phone to call him no matter how much you miss hearing his voice, you knew what you were venturing into but you still decided to do it anyways.¬† Days turn into weeks and weeks into months, everything seems rosy still then one day you were going through your Instagram TL only for you to find out that Mr. Wrong just proposed to his fianc√©! Then reality sinks in, Mr. Wrong picked the one he loved and you my dear was only an object of lust.

Hey, you pretty one going through some major heartbreak! It’s a feeling and trust me it’s temporary! You’d eventually find your Mr. Right and your life will go exactly how you want it to be if you get out of that mood and strive so hard to make things work for you.




The most directionless piece I’ve ever written… I hope this helps someone today.

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