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Like Mother Like Daughter

May 29, 2018


Like Mother Like Daughter

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Like mother like daughter, I grew up hearing about this,  all thanks to Nollywood movies… I’m sure a lot of our millennium children heard this in the movies.

When you get home today, please do me a favor, take a picture of your mum, whether she’s wearing designers wears or not, as long as it has her in it, its due to go. Then try to take your very best picture of the year and compare them, do you look like your mother?
Before you answer that questions, look beyond the smile, look beyond her nose, curves, look at her decisions, her precepts, and her lifestyle.
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Do you still look like your mother, just a few weeks ago we celebrated All the good mothers all over the world,  wait a minute what exactly are we celebrating? I’ll tell you.
Mum met dad in the early clouded days of his youth, The future so dark she cannot tell what the future holds, what he’ll become and how things will turn out, will he be rich or famous, poor, retched or unwilling,  a failure or a success.
She could not tell if he’ll turn out to be a monster or her forever prince charming. Indeed saying yes was a blind game but she said yes And stood her ground. Years had passed she never dwindled away.
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There were days she wept she wept and groaned but didn’t turn against her decision. And when you came she enjoyed the pain that came from your birth… The frequent kicks and yet she took the pain similar to those bones breaking at the same time just to give you life. Life to who, you?  That she cannot tell exactly.
Yet she struggles that you can eat, if she had a doubt of who you will become I’m sure she told herself never mind I’ll love still, she could tell you’re sick, she sometimes forget if She’s  the breadwinner or the butter on the  bread, she pulls a strong force, gets  up early and return tired but struggles  through dinner.
Do you still look like your mother?
Do you look like the woman who did not consider Her man useless because of his present financial state? whose respect is unconditional, who loves only in wealth, her life is like a soil ready to cultivate, toiled and turned over, swallows seeds of all shapes and kind and transform the seed into food for all, she’s never selfish but selfless, never complacent but committed, not given to class but makes classy her very own, not discriminating but demystify  and make simple. Not outward but choose to trade the outward glory for the future of her own. She sticks and not stagger, I’m sure you know who a mother is now…
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Do you still look like her? Without turning a blind eye to the saying all mothers are women but not all women are mothers. Take that picture once again today’s women and see if you still look like your mother, not her smile nor her skill, but her lifestyle, her strength,  her wisdom and her sacrifices.
Today as always let us not forget the ancient landmark of womanhood.
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