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Careers that don’t require University Education [ Part 1]

June 5, 2018


Careers that don’t require University Education [ Part 1]

Nigerian universities are in a deplorable state and the current government who claimed to have interest in education have done nothing about it. Quality education has gotten expensive over the years and just a few can afford it. The current curriculum is also extinct and young Nigerians are beginning to lose hope in Nigeria’s educational sector. We have compiled a list of careers you can pursue without a degree in Nigeria.

Content writing

If you have a knack for words and know that the field of written art is your forte, freelance content writing may be an excellent choice for you. Freelance writers have become goldmines, especially in this digital era. Writing articles for companies, reviewing products, maintaining a blog. As far as writing goes, the list is endless. Be creative in your approach and you will find a way to write for a living.


Youtube has become a major platform for disseminating information in unique ways. Some young Nigerians have embraced the platform and making headways with the platform. With original, entertaining content and the right promotion, anybody can start a channel on YouTube and get paid for it. This is a fairly competitive field, what with millions of people posting content every day, but with patience and persistence, you can expect to walk your way to fame.


The barrier of entry for modeling is very low. Anyone who has the stature and beauty can model. You don’t have to have a degree in modeling before you become a very good model. If this is where your passion lies, I suggest you start early because you can’t model forever.


Making it big as a photographer require patience and time. You have to give it everything you have got, owning your craft. The more you practice, the better you become. The more exposed you get, the better the shots you take. Read ebooks, watch videos online.





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