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“Trust your process and remain patient” – CEO Ofadahub

June 6, 2018


“Trust your process and remain patient” – CEO Ofadahub

There is a new generation of young smart youths who are not bothered about their environment or what government has refused to give them. They thrive in the extreme conditions of our dear nation. One of such people is Damilare Ameenah, Founder Ofadahub, YC caught up with her and she had this to say about herself.

Please introduce yourself?

I am Adenekan Damilare Ameenah. Founder of Ofadahub.

What was it like growing up?

Growing up was fun. I won’t say I was born with a silver spoon but I wasn’t born with a wooden spoon either 😊. 4 lovely sisters and an amazing brother. I couldn’t have asked for more.

What were your dreams and aspirations while growing up?

As a child, all I dreamt of, was to have a lot of money and be famous. My dad always threw it on our faces that his money is not our money, you have to work hard to earn yours. I really wanted to grow up and earn my money. That I would say was my biggest dream.

How did you start Ofada Hub?

You see when you have smart and good people around you, they see the greatness you tend not to see. I am from Ogun state where Ofada can be said to be our trademark.

During my days in uni, I always had Ofada rice, I would buy in large quantity and even share to my friends. After graduation, a couple of my friends that were in Lagos would still request that I bring Ofada for them each time I traveled home. One day, one of them came to pick up her rice and she said, Dami have you ever thought of doing anything with Ofada? You are already known for sharing good Ofada rice, you know the main source, you are very familiar with it. Maybe you should stop giving us for free and do something with it.

There and then, the dream began.

How did your parents react to this newborn dream?

My parents are very supportive on any career path my siblings and I choose. After I decided to kickstart, I told my mom and she smiled and gave me moral support that I needed. She took me to the source, we picked, picked and packed my first sets of products together. And till date, she still does the bulk of the work. And my dad too, he practically monitors the growth of Ofadahub like it’s his.

What makes Ofada Hub stand out from everyone Ofada suppliers?

Well God, hard work, quality and most importantly marketing.

Did your course back in school help in developing any of these skills you mentioned?

Yes, quality. As a cost expert, I was thought to always be on the lookout for quality even while trying to reduce cost. Inferior goods is not an option.

How do you keep up with your growing demand?

I have one of the biggest farmers of Ofadarice in Nigeria as my supplier. At times we run out of stock but its usually not beyond what can be urgently sold to the market.

What is your advice to youths still trying to figure out their dreams?

I will just say its a process. It might not be what you have always pictured, but what’s very important is getting that which gives you absolute joy and fulfillment.

I knew I was going to be an entrepreneur, but it took me time to know which exactly. I had done makeup artistry, hairdressing, sold beauty products, shoes, and wears. I tried a lot, till I found Ofadahub. And I can boldly say none has given greater fulfillment than this. Its a process, and gradually you are going to get there. Careless what anyone thinks or say, what matters most is what you feel and desire. Keep pushing and I pray you find that which absolutely gives you fulfillment.

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