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Meet Demi Akin, Abuja’s fast rising fashion blogger in 60 Seconds

June 11, 2018


Meet Demi Akin, Abuja’s fast rising fashion blogger in 60 Seconds

Hey! Hey! Hey! See who’s back! It’s the Fashion lookbook girl! Sorry I’ve been MIA for a while. I’ve been dealing with the realities of life. On this edition of the fashion Pen-cam I’ll be featuring….. *drum roll* Demi Akin!!

The Palazzo fever!

One in five stylish girls do not own a palazzo (made up statistics lol)  I’m just trying to say every fashionista owns this adorable piece of clothing.

Demi added a touch of fabulous to her Palazzo by pairing it with a tee-shirt. If you’ve been thinking of how to rock that Palazzo here’s an inspo.inspo. Demi kept it simple et classy.

Mustard it is

Demi giving us the “I’m wearing the Mustard color don’t mess with me” look. I particularly love this one and my reasons are

  • After Burgundy, Mustard is my fave color!!
  • I’m a lover of oversize fashion and this cape top mehn! I think I need one in my closet

Demi went all matchy matchy in this outfit Mustard Pants and Mustard cape top. Oh yeah we love it.

Happy girls are the prettiest

A white shirt+ Denim skirt + black pumps = Killing it lol

Hey you fashion lovers! Get yourself a Denim skirt today.

Denim all the way

Denim on Denim has never been a bad idea.

Denim shirt paired with a Denim dungaress is absolutely stunning. Demi added a touch of the color red to this outfit and all I see is how it added the perfect pop to her outfit.

Let’s us go to the house of God

The Church outfit inspo.

Next Sunday, get you an outfit that looks this good! End of story.

Kimono is bliss

There’s something about the Kimono that I can’t resist, It adds life to any kind of body shape.

I particularly like this Kimono because it has a different vibe to it and like she captioned the picture. She definitely looks like a Super woman.



So readers on a scale of 1-10 rate Demi’s Style.

I’m giving her a 10/10!!

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