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You can now sell your comedy skits on Linda Ikeji TV

June 18, 2018


You can now sell your comedy skits on Linda Ikeji TV

Recently we announced the launch of Linda Ikeji TV and spoke about the unique opportunities the platform has. In less than two weeks of launch, the platform has amassed over 10,000 unique downloads. This is a positive sign that the platform might have the capacity to scale like we predicted. 

To put the icing on the cake, Linda Ikeji has extended her hands of friendship to fellow content makers. She is calling for comedy skits makers to offer their content exclusively to her platform in exchange for cash.

LITV is now buying skits (which will be given to us exclusively) to add to content on our channel. But unlike Instagram one-minute videos, the skits we are interested in buying must be at least 3minutes long.

The core of the LITV platform remains content, and so far Linda is trying to make sure customers get access to a variety of content based on their interests. If Linda Ikeji finds a way to ask users for the kind of content they are interested in and can offer users content based on their interest, the potential of LITV is endless. Video on demand platforms ( VOD) in Nigeria might need to take a cue from the media mogul.

We are still in the early stage of the platform and it would be too soon to judge the success of the platform.


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