5 Things I’ve noticed from this year’s World Cup

June 20, 2018


5 Things I’ve noticed from this year’s World Cup

This year’s World Cup in Russia has been interesting so far and difficult to predict because of shocking results.

All the African teams need lessons on how to defend set pieces

Starting from the very first African team Egypt, who played against Uruguay a last-minute header was scored from a corner kick.

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Who would have thought that this would be a regular occurrence in other matches to come? A total of 5 own goals have been conceded with 3 coming from the African teams(Nigeria, Egypt, Morocco).

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The rest of the African teams would need to do a lot better when it comes to keeping a clean sheet for the remainder of this world cup if they want to progress.

There is no work over or small team

Brasil, Argentina and Germany all got shocked in their first matches as they did not expect the type of performance which their opponents brought.

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The Big Players are not performing as expected

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Messi, Neymar, Salah and a host of others have been totally off in their openers as they did not respond with their A-Game. It could be that those days were just their off days or that they are not just in form for this tournament.

The African teams seem to be unlucky.

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Two of the Five African teams(Eygpt and Morocco) have been eliminated as they failed to record either a draw or a win in their two games. They are one of the top-ranked teams in Africa and have failed to live up to expectations with their style of play.

Expect to be shocked

Do not, I repeat Do Not Expect every match to turnout as expected. Be ready to be shocked.

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