Mo Salah fail to cross the red sea with his chariots

June 26, 2018


Mo Salah fail to cross the red sea with his chariots

After losing the champions league final to Real Madrid, and getting injured in the first half of the match, everyone wished Mo’Salah could get back from his injury. Salah failed to lead his Egyptian chariots to their leading ways at the World Cup. It is rather sad that the African team have to say their goodbyes to the World Cup. The team lost to Saudi Arabia yesterday after a shocking late goal from Saudi team.

Essam El Hadary

Essam El Hadary, the oldest player ever to appear at a World Cup, marked his record achievement with one outstanding penalty save for Egypt but was powerless to stop a second in a 2-1 defeat by Saudi Arabia on Monday.

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Mohamed Salah’s Egypt still has not recorded a World Cup finals win in three appearances, despite the Liverpool talisman’s superb opening goal.

I am sure Liverpool fans are happy Salah is coming back early enough to rest and get ready for the new season. A lot of eyes would be on Salah this season hoping he can continue with his last season’s form.

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