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Oshiomole’s emergence as Chairman of the party was arranged

June 26, 2018


Oshiomole’s emergence as Chairman of the party was arranged

Over the weekend, the All Peoples Congress (APC) held their national convention to select the members who will rule the party’s affairs. Comrade Adams Oshiomhole was named the National Chairman of the party after a consensus. Does this mean that the party is in unison or they are answering to a bigger voice? We set out to unravel what really happened over the weekend through our insider source. Here is what we found out;

Oshiomole became Chairman to favour President’s second term bid

From what we can gather, the convention was managed by the influence of the President as there was a ‘unity’ list the party worked with at the convention. The party could not afford to elect people who would jeopardize its fate going forward. Especially sensitive positions as they prepare for the polls next year.

Also, so as to be able to manage the excesses from some of the state exco who have issues with their governors. The governors worked along with the President’s interests which apparently is superior and in tune with their own agenda.

A fall out is expected soon enough

There is been agitation from several quarters especially the nPDP faction of the party. They feel neglected but the Presidency is deciding the future of the small group. We should expect one or two grievances and fallouts in the coming days. What we have realized is that majority of those agitating have little or no political value or capital to face the incumbent President.

Going into 2019 elections

Their work is cut out because the President thinks he will win the primaries owing to this weekend’s ‘selection’. And in terms of the main election, the APC is more organized owing to the states it presently controls. Whoever will go head to head with the incumbent will have to a do a lot of work and start a movement as soon as possible.

But they forget that the populace will decide the fate of who becomes President cum 2019. Even though Oshiomole is a team player and actually understands how to lead people. They will need more than just him to win people’s support as the party has not achieved their manifesto claims since 2015.

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