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Find Love or be found

June 29, 2018

Find Love or be found

I think love is mischievous. It often plays hide-and-seek with us. When we are searching for it, it eludes us. And when we stop searching, it comes knocking.
A recent event made me ask myself whether we find love or it finds us. I couldn’t come up with a definite answer and this prompted a mini-survey.

Here is what I got:

1) Love & Luck: We can be indeed lucky to look for love and find it, but we could also be unlucky and fall into wrong hands of people who will take advantage of that love.

2) Love Happens: It could work both ways as we might find love without even looking for it. It simply just happens and it makes us feel magical.

3) Open Up: We must be open-minded and hope to experience the kind we have always longed for. We would not easily find love if we are closed minded.

As a woman, I think love finds us.
” He that finds a wife has found a good thing”.
It is, however, essential we take our time to invest in ourselves and be “a good thing”. We should thrive to be the best version of ourselves (it goes both ways). No one wants to be with an empty person. We should bear in mind that a marriage/relationship isn’t about 2 incomplete people trying to compliment each other, but rather it’s 2 complete people that complete one another.

Love shouldn’t be forced. It’s a psychological thing that occurs when we take our minds off something.

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I am Aderinwale Oluwayomi, a Freelance and creative writer, an Economist, a talkative and a playful bunny. I’ve been writing as far back as 2004 (back then all I wanted to be was a poet), I started writing professionally in 2017. Writing for me is more than an outlet; I see and I hear the words. Writing has become the second part of me and I’m only glad words and I found one another

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