Why more trailers will still cause more havoc on our roads

June 29, 2018


Why more trailers will still cause more havoc on our roads

A tanker carrying oil exploded at around 5pm yesterday, setting cars ablaze and killing about 9 people and injuring at least five people.

The tanker skid over leaving cars coming behind no chance for escape. The first car collided with the tanker with no significant explosion until a car coming behind had more impact which led to the explosion. The road is always busy around that time of the day as commuters are on their way home from a busy day. Most people living on the outskirts of Lagos ply that particular road.

News and social media from all over the country were quick to jump to ‘government’s lackadaisical attitude’ and ‘the negligence on the part of security officials’, especially in Lagos state. But the issue remains that the Lagos state did well this time.

Eyewitness, Oludare Adodo said he was crossing the bridge on a commercial bus when the driver suddenly stopped and told his passengers to come down and that there had been an accident upfront.

As usual, Nigerians came to conclusion too quickly on social media saying the Lagos government were not fast enough in its rescue operations. However, this time the security officials were up and running, giving meaningful information as the issues arose. An incident like takes scores of lives even in developed countries.

Governor Ambode at the scene yesterday night.

But this could have been totally averted if the necessary structures were put in place. Oil tankers falling have become a norm in Nigeria. This shouldn’t be the case as rules should be in place to curb them. Unfortunately, there rules set are not implemented. As far back as 2013, a movement started to ban daytime movement of tankers on roads since we are yet to find an alternative transportation route for them. This is 2018 and we are still suffering from the same issues.

Just recently, there was an incident at Ojuelegba flyover in Lagos and the government placed a ban on tankers going through that route, but as we speak you still have tankers around the axis who are approaching Apapa. It is not just to make laws, they have to be enforced. Another incident happened today at Suleja as two tanks collided, Anna cole shares pictures from the scene.

This will not stop if we are not intentional about these things. Laws need to be enforced, that is the only way accidents like this can be averted.


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