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5 ways to future proof your career

July 2, 2018


5 ways to future proof your career

A career is an individual’s metaphorical “journey” through learning, work and other aspects of life. There are ways to future-proof your career and they save you from regret in the future. Here are some ways;

Commit to a lifelong learning

You can have the right educational requirements at the beginning of your career but what would sustain you is beyond you. An often overlooked yet simple way to improve your career is to increase your commitment to lifelong learning. First and foremost, you must be willing to expand your mind.

You will eventually come across information that challenges your worldview. Rather than remaining static in your comfort zone, use them to reflect on your ideas in a way that it would expand your vision. Is your outdated mindset preventing you from advancing in a modern world? Be willing to question new information and research it further. That is the only way you can remain relevant in your industry.

Learn Digital skills

We are in an information age and everything is changing rapidly. More jobs will soon be extinct and we as young professionals have to be ready for the change. A big firm recently bought a new machine to stay effective in their line of business, they eventually had to sack over 200 people because of the new piece of technology. That is the future we are about to enter. You cant afford to remain with the knowledge you had in University, learning digital skills is very important.

Learn across other fields

There is the notion that you have to be good at one thing but that will not work for you in the future. Those who have an idea about various fields will survive in the future. One mantra I use was gotten from my dad, “Know something about everything”. It has worked for me over the years and I think it would work for you too. That promotion will come knocking but will you be ready for it?

Stay humble and hardworking


Hard work still pays!! I know so many young people think they can get around things by just perception but those who do real work and sleepless nights will still come out tops when it really matters. You cant give what you don’t have, so stop faking it and start grinding. We are still young and still have the strength to grind and make a name for ourselves. In the process of working hard, stay humble. Humility is the underrated ingrident for career professionals. Relationships are everything in the corporate space and the earlier you realise this in your career the better for you.

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