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Sports Wrap-Up: Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Denmark All Out, Who is Next ?

July 2, 2018


Sports Wrap-Up: Argentina, Spain, Portugal, Denmark All Out, Who is Next ?

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I can remember saying that you all should be ready to be shocked after the first round of group matches. Russia 2018 has proved to be one of the most or better still the most interesting world cup tournament that has been organised so far.

Round of 16

Starting with the very first match between Argentina and France in which everyone (most especially Africa) were rooting for the French team(which practically has 80% African blood). If you can recall clearly, Argentina has not been at their best since the kick off of this tournament and was just lucky to scale through to the round of 16.

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Mpape who was the Man of the Match clearly disfigured the whole Argentia squad with his speed and positioning which gave him 2 goals and also a penalty which Greizman scored. Messi continued with his bad form as he could not score a goal in the round of 16 once again. Perhaps, if Nigeria had qualified instead we could have done justice to the French team but most Nigerians would not agree to this.

C. Ronaldo

The Starman and supposedly the G.O.A.T of many fans also joined his co G.O.A.T at the airport with his teammates after Uruguay’s Talisman Cavani delivered two un-replied goals. Ronaldo kept huffing but could not blow down the house of the Uruguayans as they had an answer to every attempt.

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Ronaldo just like Messi has not also recorded a goal in the round of 16 which seems to be a hard task for either of them. Cavani who had only scored a goal in the group stage came out in blistering form to show why he is still their No 1 talisman.


The Spanish giants who had over 1000 completed passes in the game against the Host Nation Russia still crashed out after a penalty shootout. De Gea seems to be at the top of the blame list after he conceded 10 out 0f 11 shots against him which is very unlike him after his terrific season which saw him pick up the Clean sheet award.

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The Russia team were more or less ready for the Penalty shootout as their plan seemed to work out just fine after holding the Spanish Giants to a 1-1 draw till after extra time.


The first half of this match between Denmark and Croatia seemed to be the only major talking point after 2 goals were scored by each team after just 5 mins. However, Luka Modric missed a penalty which would have seen them avoid a penalty shootout but, he made up for the miss by converting in the penalty shootout.

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Both Goal Keepers were at their best but Croatia had a response and qualified to the quarter finals.

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