Pa Micheal Obi is Free !!!

July 3, 2018


Pa Micheal Obi is Free !!!

According to reports Pa Michael Obi (Mikel’s Father) was kidnapped on the 29th of June alongside his driver while on their way to Enugu from Jos along Markurdi-Enugu road on June 29, 2018, in the afternoon, in his grey coloured Toyota Prado vehicle and taken to an unknown destination through the thick forest part of the area.

I have gone through different reports that claim Mikel paid the ransom of ₦10 million to the kidnappers for the release of his father.Another report claims that the Enugu state police engaged the kidnappers in a gun duel which forced the kidnappers to abandon Pa Obi in the forest.

Whichever story is true or false the main issue is that Pa Obi has been freed and is hale and hearty.

I have questions about the security issues in the country. What is been done about the kidnapping issues and robbery incidents?

Thinking about it, if the police could rescue the father of a celebrity in a very short time why does it take months for them to reciprocate that same hard work in rescuing the common man on the streets? Especially those who do not have ransoms to pay.

Security in the country presently is not something that gives you joy as a Nigerian,

Kidnapping now feels like a norm and is booming as most of them get away with it. It would really give Nigerians peace of mind if something is been done rather than the police force harassing young Nigerians on a daily basis.

I really praise the Obi family for keeping their cool through the hard times they just went through, and pray this would not be a regular occurrence as this is not the first time Pa Obi would be kidnapped.

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