Sports Wrap-up: Belgium in Japan Out

July 3, 2018


Sports Wrap-up: Belgium in Japan Out

Russia 2018 definitely has to be the most interesting tournament so far. Neymar finally comes to party after having a slow start to the tournament.


Neymar and William definitely had the keys to the Mexican side who shocked Germany in their first match. The Mexican team according to Neymar “talk too much and are now on their way home”, did not seem to have any answer to the Brazilian’s attack.

After numerous attempts from the first half, Neymar finally broke the deadlock at the 50th minute and Firmino added icing to the cake at the end of second half.

Although Neymar kept falling as usual from practically every little tackle but was still able to carry his team through. Brazil are set to face Beligum in their quarter final match on Friday.


It all seemed to be a boring match at the first half as Belgium lacked creativity while the Japanese side kept mounting pressure on them but could not find any breakthrough.

Then something sparked and Japan put in two fantastic goals at the start of the second half. Belgium kept knocking and could not get a response but Roberto Martinez made two changes bringing in Fellaini and Chadli who immediately gave more options and better chances to the team.

A long headed from Vertonghen and another from Fellaini put the game in a draw and seemed to be going into extra time once again. But the Red Devils had other plans and waited till the very last minute to score in the third goal which gave them the much needed victory.


After the big move that saw King James move to LA Lakers, The Golden State Warriors have signed Demarcus Cousins for $5.3 million.

This move will see cousins(an all star player) join Curry, Durant, Green and Thompson who all happen to be All Star players making them a 5 team all star players.

Lakers are not done with their deals as they have also snatched Rajon Rondo on a one year deal for $9 million who happens to have always been on the opposite side of LeBron James but will now be supplying him the ball at Lakers.

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