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Three things young Nigerians need from the Government

July 3, 2018


Three things young Nigerians need from the Government

The conversation about the role of government has been on for a long time. Yet, nothing has been done to make things better, government come and go, but our problems remain. with or without the help of the government.

”Creating the right environment is key and knowledge we need in the future has to be taught in our institutions- Mrs Ibukun Awosika “.

What can the government do?

Create Infrastructure

In the history of Nigeria, we have not gotten it right when it comes to infrastructure since our colonial masters left us. We still battle the same issues even after 16 years of democracy. Nigeria faces an unprecedented economic, demographic, fiscal and environmental challenges that make it difficult for the private sector to do business. They literally have to rethink the way they do business.

Just give us the infrastructure for once

If the government can provide the right infrastructure, Nigeria can finally become a leading nation. Young Nigerians remain one of the smartest individuals in the world and the world knows that. No wonder they lure our best hands to their country and can you blame our best hands? The system in Nigeria is set out to frustrate them.

The economy needs reliable infrastructure to connect supply chains and efficiently move goods and services across borders. Infrastructure connects households across metropolitan areas to higher quality opportunities for employment, healthcare and education.

Funding and opportunities

Out of a total active labour force of 85.08 million people in Nigeria, about 16 million people were unemployed in the third quarter of 2017, the National Bureau of Statistics, NBS, has said. A young and vibrant nation like Nigeria can’t afford to have these numbers of unemployed youths. Unemployed youths will transcend into every form of bad behaviour in the society. It takes courage to keep your sanity and not look the other way. Young Nigerians need opportunities that will foster growth in their ideas.

The entertainment industry in Nigeria was built by young minds who saw the need to do something about the space. We can’t afford to allow young Nigerians remain idle for too long. If you speak to 10 different young Nigerians, you will hear at least 5 different good ideas but the issue remains that they lack the capacity to see their ideas off the ground.

We need a government that can set out funds for young people and their ideas, create the enabling environment for them to strive, young Nigerians will figure out the remaining.

Move Away

Move away

If the two points highlighted above are adhered to, the government needs to step aside. In a statement credited to the Vice President, Global Operation (Andela) Seni Sulyman at the just concluded BRF summit, He said: “If we have the right infrastructures in place, we just need the government to step aside and let young Nigerians do the rest”. He is definitely right like I said earlier, young Nigerians are smart and intelligent. The issue is that the government wants to have a stake everywhere when all they need to do is create the environment.

The general elections are around the corner and we need to start looking at candidates that have the capacity to do just these three things.

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