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HALO EFFECT: The Sexy Underwear Effect

July 4, 2018

HALO EFFECT: The Sexy Underwear Effect

Halo Effect is a psychological bias that occurs when we take one aspect/element of a person’s appearance and use it as a basis for shaping favorable opinions about that person. Studies showing the “halo effect” go back to the early 20th century: strong visual impressions create an associative faith in performance, so that people find, for example,

A doctor in a white coat is more trustworthy, intelligent, and medically reliable than a doctor in ordinary work clothes. What’s only recently come to light is that our own clothes have a similar effect. The implication that our own clothes can make us perform better isn’t actually revolutionary in the fashion world; women’s companiesctoria Secrets and co) have been selling it for years.

The high-end brands don’t pitch their underwear as something that will “excite your husband” or similar phrasings, but rather as something to “awaken your inner sex goddess,” “make you feel sexy,” and so on.

Business clothing has the same talismanic effect. When you dress like a captain of the industry you’re more likely to be confident, assert yourself, and make deals well than when you’re wearing casual clothes.

That’s a lot of power contained in a suit jacket, and it’s worth having at most of your business meetings to attract opportunities.

Sartorially Yours,

Gabriel Balogun.


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About the Author

 Gabriel Balogun is an Author and Style Advisor, who’s biggest mission is to make individuals and corporate organizations LOOK QUALIFIED enough to attract the opportunities they qualify for by showing them how they can leverage on their clothing as a weapon to command respect and fuel their self-confidence. In his book – 20 Ways to Create First Impressions Professionally, he explores how people make up their minds very quickly about you, your leadership potential, or your company and how they use that opinion to define & judge you.


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