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How to start a business as an undergraduate

July 4, 2018


How to start a business as an undergraduate

We all have needs and wants we want to meet. We are passionate about certain things and have the urge to start something but don’t just know how. Going to school and working on your side hustle can also be challenging. We have seen some people drop out of school to focus on their business/career, but this is not the way to go. Business is a risk and this is so much uncertainty surrounded around doing business or pursuing a career. Why risk so much just to have more time for a side hustle. There are better ways to go about it.

What is side hustle?

Side hustle is anything you are have committed to beyond your primary agenda. For most in school, it is either a business or a different career path. There is nothing like having multiple streams of income whilst still in school. Besides the impact you are making, you get to render a service and get feedback through the process. One very important thing is that you get to find your passion early enough.

Here are three ways to start a business while still in school;

Get your passion in order

Mitch in his school days

Try starting a business in what you are passionate about. It becomes stress-free and combining it with your schooling won’t be much of a challenge. You should never start a business in something you are not passionate about, eventually, you will lose interest.

Schedule and stick to it

One of the major challenges you will face is timing. If you are not good at using your time effectively and multitasking, you will have problems. Plan, schedule and stick to it. That might mean reduced time on Snapchat and Instagram. You have to make certain sacrifices in building your business.

Seek your parents help/ Collaborate with your friends

This is the part most of us don’t like to hear, our parents matter. Talk to them about your plans and actions, pray they support you. When you get their blessing, don’t leave out your friends. They are your first marketers and users of what you are providing.

It won’t be easy,  the road will be rough but with patience and persistence, you will get it right. Do you plan/ have started a business, feel free to share your stories so others can learn from it.

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