Busy or Productive ?

July 5, 2018

Busy or Productive ?

“Time waits for no man”, “time is no respecter of person”, “time is money”, “money is time”, time, time, time….so many quotes on time and all of them true.

The difference between a successful person and a poor person is how time is utilized. Most successful people are people who aren’t idle or lazy, you don’t see them postponing important things or procrastinating because they understand the concept of”time is money” and “time waits for no man”. They utilize their time well.

Now not all busy people are successful. There’s a difference between “being busy” and “being productive”. Busy people don’t have a plan for their time, they want to do everything, thinking that as long as they’re busy they are achieving something. Productive people on the others hand have a plan for their time, they prioritize things that they need to do, they let go of things that can’t be done and most importantly they know when to take breaks.

We make plans for almost everything in our lives. As much as we make plans for other things, we should also make plans for our time because being productive is better than being busy.





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