Sports Wrap-Up: Review of the Semi’s

July 9, 2018


Sports Wrap-Up: Review of the Semi’s

The FIFA World Cup 2018 which is being hosted by Russia is gradually coming to a close as the Semi-Finals between England and  Croatia then Belgium and France will be placed on Tuesday and Wednesday respectively.


The Red Devils which are also the Golden Generation booked a place amongst the last 4 with an awesome performance against Brazil who was also favourites to reach the Semis.

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Belguim has been full of surprises and no pushovers. They would be looking to edge out a French side that has also been terrific in their matches. This Derby is sure to be full of action and surprises. Do not forget that Thierry Henry is the second man after their coach.


They have been almost knocked out on two different occasions and have scaled through on penalties on both occasions. They will look to knock out an English side who have shown why they should be in the finals.

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They will try and work on not just scoring but would also work on not conceding goals at the end of matches.


England was lucky against Colombia but went back and provided a 2 nil victory over the Swedish side that has been pulling up surprises.

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Get ready to see Zlatan Ibrahimovic in England’s Jersey when England play Croatia as he lost a bet to David Beckham.


This team has been dishing out some hot sauce against all oppositions they have faced so face except when they played out a goalless draw with Denmark.

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Mpape would definitely be the centre of attraction once again as the 19-year-old keeps setting records against oppositions.


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