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Why we can never get enough of Adekunle Gold

July 10, 2018


Why we can never get enough of Adekunle Gold

The first song I ever listened to by Adekunle Gold was Sade, a cover of One Direction’s popular track, Story of My Life. Of course, I’d heard of Adekunle Gold before everyone knew him as a singer. He was a very good graphics designer and was very popular in his craft. The tone Adekunle Gold brought to the music scene was totally different from anything we had heard before. I work in the media and communication space for a living and his songs are as immediate as an adrenaline shot, made for impact.

You don’t have to be the target audience for Adekunle’s music, you just have to fall in love or how do I describe the fact that my mum is a fan of the musician? She is not afraid to say it anywhere, because when something is good, it is good. Nigerian music, in general, is at a point where “incantations” are been mistaken for good music but people like Adekunle Gold are doing good music with well thought out lyrics.

Adekunle Gold performing with Simi at his just-concluded concert in the UK

It is a shame sincerely that the biggest music awards event in Nigeria could not see the beauty in his work. It doesn’t take an Octopus or a Pig to find out who truly deserved the award. This is just why I hate the voting system approach for awards.

The king of modern Pop              PhotoCredit; Michaeltubescreations

I don’t even know which album I prefer in Gold or About 30, they are both a phenomenal body of art. There is no other pop star I admire as much right now, possibly ever, and it isn’t only because of what most people know him for. Rather, in public, he is a paragon. It’s daft to say we’d all like to be like him, because, of course, we don’t want to face what he did in order to get to where he has to be now.

Pop stars don’t have to be role models. In a way, they are more entertaining when they’re not. Yet, isn’t it nice to have one that has kept it together when it would have been easier to fall apart? Do I enjoy the exit from YBNL and how he has evolved over the years with the 79th Element? We have Adekunle Gold, that makes us feel bold, happy,  and alive. Why do you love Adekunle Gold?

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