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Should NYSC be scrapped or restructured?

July 10, 2018


Should NYSC be scrapped or restructured?

Recently it was reported that the current Minister of Finance, Kemi Adeosun allegedly tendered a fake NYSC certificate to the Legislative arm of government and the house went ahead to clear her for the ministerial appointment. The debate about the significance of an NYSC certificate came to fur once more.

The issues raised was that over the years the scheme had lost its goals and some are clamouring for the scheme to be scrapped. A lot of young people have died “serving” their father’s land. One begins to wonder what the scheme was meant to achieve.

Speaking to Segun, a software developer in Nigeria about the importance of the scheme, he said “ It should just be reformed and relevant, people should not just be sent randomly to schools. He further made emphasis on the fact that IT related people should be sent to where they are most useful. The scheme currently matches people by It Automated system. So it does not matter where you live, the number of states you chose as visited. When Corps Members are being posted the machine automatically selects the PCM choice of state randomly in successive order.

The objectives of NYSC is making graduates market ready, but clearly, it has failed in its mandate. Victor Fatanmi (CEO, ForthCanvas Agency) thinks the scheme should be optional with higher financial benefits. This will give people the choice to go or not to go. But if this is done, more than half of young graduates will not go for NYSC. He also thinks it should not be a prerequisite for employment or appointment in Nigeria.

NYSC like almost every program in Nigeria definitely has its flaws. The problem is not exactly with the scheme, it’s with the way it’s implemented and the way things are run. The advantage of such a scheme outways the disadvantage as fresh graduates get the chance to make money and job experience before playing in the labour market.

The scheme definitely needs a whole load of improvement to reap maximum benefits. What are your thoughts, should NYSC be scrapped or properly structured for young graduates to gain from?

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