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How RMD became the coolest guy in Nollywood (again)

July 12, 2018


How RMD became the coolest guy in Nollywood (again)

Richard Mofe Damijo is odd. He’s charming and engaged and ludicrously talented, an icon’s icon and open to any strand of conversation. The first ever movie I saw of him was Out of Bound, he played the role so well that people wanted to get a piece of him for themselves. RMD has a powerful force field. Maybe this is what is so charming: his profound, otherworldly originality.

If you look closely at RMD you would notice his desire for acting. The Theatre Arts graduate has proven to us over the years that he is unique and a fighter. After graduating from the university, Mofe-Damijo took part in a television soap opera in the late 80’s called Ripples. Before then, he had a stint with Concord Newspapers and Metro Magazine as a reporter.

Out of Bounds was the first film for which he received a writer/producer credit. In 2005 at the maiden edition of the African Movie Academy Awards Mofe-Damijo won the award for Best Actor in a Leading Role. One will begin to wonder why the actor veteran is yet to give up an active role in Nollywood, even after leaving the movie scene for a while to become the Commissioner of Culture and Tourism in his state.

While some people are even yet to make a name for themselves in the highly competitive industry, RMD left, came and conquered once again. How this happened becomes a question we have to find answers to. Could it be that the overly abase veteran had chosen to listen to the young directors? Unlike his veteran colleagues who still live in the ” the good old days” mentality.


While some young people have bashed the A-List actor for behaving like a young chap, others believe that the term “age” is a mindset. You are as young as you want to be. This mindset has aided the veteran to do the unimaginable even after 34 years of acting.

There is more to this man, you can’t take it away from his personality and charm which has won the hearts of everyone in the industry. His role in the famous “The Wedding Party” showed why the veteran still has a lot to offer us. Definitely, the veteran has a vibrant young team who are in tune with reality and he listens to them.

Should other veterans take a cue from RMD? I think they need to because the industry is not complete without the experience and vigour the veterans bring to the table. A mix of veterans and young actors will only help the Nollywood industry grow beyond what it is today.

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