World Cup: France the World Champions

July 16, 2018


World Cup: France the World Champions

The FIFA World Cup tagged Russia 2018 came to an end yesterday with France lifting the title and the Croatians in tears as they couldn’t make history.

There is one saying I hear often from football fans “Dem go play but na my team go still score” and that was the case of the Croatians yesterday. Croatia did all the playing but the French team did all the scoring with their 4 goal thriller.

I would still give a standing ovation to the French Coach Didier Deschamps for winning the Trophy in 1998 as the captain of the French team and as the Coach in 2018.

I can remember warning everyone watching the world cup not to expect the usual but should brace up for shockers and this year’s event didn’t disappoint.

What is a World Cup final without pitch invaders gracing the pitch? Well, I do not know what will happen to those guys that invaded the pitch while a whole President Putin was watching and in Russia again.

There were other winners as Harry Kane won the Golden boot, Spain won the Fair play award and Courtois won the Golden Glove award.

The 5 Best Players of the Tournament

K Mpape

There is no doubt that this young man is truly blessed. He is the second youngest player ever to win a World Cup trophy after Pele. His pace and skilful moves caused great damage to defence lines during the tournament and not to forget, this young lad can shoot the ball well. He definitely deserved the FIFA Young Player Award.

Luka Modric

He couldn’t win the trophy for his country after winning the champions league on 3 different occasions for Real Madrid. He deserved the Golden Ball Award as he was always the engine of the team, powering them at each match played.

Edin Hazard

He definitely showed why he is one of the most sought-after players in the English Premier League. He does not bring out his A game in all his matches for Chelsea but definitely came with his A game to the world stage where it mattered the most. He helped his country pick up the 3rd place medal.


I call him the silent assassin as he is always breaking down attacks. Most times teams tend to forget he is there because of his smallish looks but that has not stopped him from making his presence known in matches.


Most people will identify him with his afro hair which stands him out on the field of play. He played more as a defensive midfielder but showed attacking threats when he got opportunities. He played every single match and every single minute of the tournament.

I could pick more players but I just chose to pick my top 5 players.

The Top 5 Worst Players of the Tournament

Oliver Giroud

I still ask myself why he was included in the squad because he squandered every scoring chance which came his way and didn’t register a single goal all through the tournament. Yes, he scored goals for Chelsea but couldn’t just justify his inclusion in the squad.

David De Gea

After winning the clean sheet award in the English Premier League, it was only right for him to be picked ahead of other keepers for the Spanish squad. He couldn’t keep a single clean sheet all through their 4 matches played conceding 10 out of 11 shots. That was very poor for me.


I am sorry Messi fans for including his name but you all have to agree that he was off all through the tournament and it was noticed how dejected he looked each time the cameras took a picture of him. His A game was nowhere to be found in Russia 2018.


Yes, he scored and created assists for his team but was always on the floor once he came in contact with any player of the opposing team. A whole lot of memes and even an academy for falling has been created just because of his falling tricks which we all got tired of. McDonald’s even went as far as using his falling skills in their advert.


I couldn’t pick a player because the whole squad was just off. As the number one team in an Africa as at the beginning of the tournament, all eyes were on them to at least qualify from the group stage. But they were so awful as they could not register a draw not to talk of a single win in Russia.

Russia 2018 has definitely lived up to expectations. Feel free to share your thoughts about the tournament in our comments section below.

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