Welcome to the new

August 27, 2018


Welcome to the new

We launched (YC) in February 2018 and have tried to serve you interesting content. YC is a team of young people who believe that original reporting is important in Nigeria and that the “copy and paste syndrome” among top blogs dies a natural death. We have built our model around quality journalism, and stories that answer your questions.

YC aspires to be one of the most trusted sources of news gathering in Nigeria, yet we are familiar with the fact that Nigerians’ trust in online news media is at an all-time low. We realized that we could be doing much more to expose stories of young Nigerians doing great stuff and uncovering more stories that answer vital questions in our country.

We at YC have our own ideas about what the standard of digital journalism in Nigeria ought to be, but we decided to take a more personal approach by speaking to 15 different users of the platform. These young minds took a closer look at our content and strategy. Also, their standard of what a news media platform is. Through the research, we identified the features that resonated with them and verticals they would like to know more about. This has totally given us a culture shock and a new outlook on our job.

In the course of the week, we would be making some announcements and changes that will guide us moving forward. We acknowledge the assistance from everyone and hope that you continue on this journey with us. We remain committed to serving you better.

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