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5 Nigerian entrepreneurship books to get you started in your business

August 28, 2018


5 Nigerian entrepreneurship books to get you started in your business

For decades, Nigeria has remained an unstable economy to do business. What works now might not work tomorrow. However, some individuals have been able to weather the storm of entrepreneurship in Nigeria. Here are top five Nigerian entrepreneurship books to get you started on your entrepreneurial journey.

Working on a Dream by G Fagbure

Working on a Dream: Lessons in Life and Business is a manual for living and working that draws on a myriad of experiences and observations. It shines a light on the numerous landmines that are in the path of an entrepreneur and anyone who has ever wanted to pursue a dream. Most of all, it dissects many of the interesting, and often, unanswered questions that life throws at us in our daily endeavours. Get it here.

Who says you can’t by Frank Nneji

Building a business or chasing a dream can be daunting and whenever we decide to step out of our comfort zones to do such things, it is usual for people to doubt If we can succeed. In this fascinating memoir, Frank Nneji, one of Africa’s most outstanding business entrepreneurs, says you can. Frank built ABC transports from scratch, get his book here

Sugar Icing by Tosan Jemide

Tosan Jemide is a veteran in cake business in Nigeria. He has spent over two decades building his craft. Sugar Icing is a chronicle of the experiences and rigorous journeys of Tosan who pursued his passion through tenacity, craft and resilience while overcoming momentous hurdles and achieving success in a nascent industry. Getting to grow a niche business can be daunting, find out nuggets here

The Intrapreneur by Adedayo Omotunde

Many have had to face the harsh reality of transitioning from the workplace to the marketplace particularly when there has not been adequate mental & pragmatic preparation for this exchange of worlds. ‘The Intrapreneur: Ignite Your Work Life’ is a brilliant, well-researched book written for many in the workplace, and others making their way into it, who seek to someday translate to the marketplace. If you are looking to switch, this book is for you.

Small Business Big Money by Akin Alabi

Akin Alabi, CEO Nairabet

How To Start, Grow And Turn Your Small Business is a book every aspiring entrepreneur must read. Are you planning to start a business? Do you have a small business but you are not making enough money to cover your bills and live the kind of life you want? If you answered YES to any of those questions, this is the most important book you will ever read. Akin has shared exact business and marketing techniques he used in building his business at Nairabet from scratch without any external funding. If you are interested, you can get it here


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