Sports Wrap-Up: Lucas Moura gets Brace

August 28, 2018


Sports Wrap-Up: Lucas Moura gets Brace

Game week 3 of the EPL definitely came with a whole lot of spice. Some people will say it is just Game 3 and that Manchester United still have more matches to improve on their sloppy start to the new season. While others will say it is the Mourinho “plague which follows him at his third year of managing a club” that is hunting the United team.

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More will say it is the political issue going on between Ed Woodward and Jose Mourinho that has finally come to light on a larger scale. Either way, it didn’t matter to Tottenham as they took their chances and secured the much-needed 3-points against United at Old Trafford.

Spurs have always found it hard to get their A-game while playing at Old Trafford for years. United looked so awful to play in their own half. We should get to see a much better team playing Burnley in their next encounter hopefully.

In Other News

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The champions of the Championship held the Champions of the Premier League to a 1-1 draw on Sunday as Chelsea, Liverpool and Arsenal grabbed all 3 points in their Game 3 fixtures. Here is the result of all the premier league matches from Game 3.

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