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Word On The Street: Presido lifeless, Homosexuality crisis, Simi set to debut acting career and more

August 28, 2018


Word On The Street: Presido lifeless, Homosexuality crisis, Simi set to debut acting career and more

Welcome to Word On The Street (WOTS), YC’s morning news roundup. Here’s everything you need to catch up on in Nigeria and what to look forward to today.

Leah Sharibu begs Mr President to come to her rescue

The Cable has obtained a “proof of life” – an audio recording and a photo – of the abducted girl, begging that President Muhammadu Buhari come to her rescue. The Presidency has reacted saying that the secret service is analysing the recording to know the next cause of action. Leah Sharibu deserves to be back home with her parents.

Is our President lifeless?

Financial Times recently reported that after the US President Donald Trump met with President Muhammadu Buhari, he considered him “lifeless”. While some Nigerians think this is a disgrace to the country, some think that it is just the blatant truth. But let say hypothetically speaking, Trump invites our Presido to the beach, what do you think we would be seeing? Wherever you stand, just go and get your PVC before Friday.

Donald Duke says he would not criminalise Homosexuality

In an interesting interview hosted by Falz and the beautiful Laila Salami — On The Couch — the presidential aspirant stated that he would not criminalise homosexuality, but they are not to display affection in public. He made this statement on the show when Falz asked what his stand was on the very sensitive topic. While some have said the presidential aspirant was just trying to be cool, the LGBT community now has a presidential candidate in their corner. Also, he jokingly said, “if any man tries to kiss him, I will slap him”.

In another news, the Police are not in support of Homosexuality

Yesterday, the Lagos State Police Command confirmed that they arrested 57 persons who are linked to having had an exclusive homosexuality party at the Egbeda area. The suspects were picked up on Sunday at 2 a.m. while they were performing gay initiation rites for newly recruited members. Some of those arrested have denied that they were involved in such activities. One Peter (Name changed) said, “I’m not gay, I’m a dancer and I was there to perform before I was arrested. I’m a responsible citizen and I work at the Alimosho General Hospital as a counsellor for those living with HIV,”

Meanwhile, one of those arrested came to Twitter to ask for help from the frontrunners of the #EndSARS campaign, SegaLink. Apparently, Segalink didn’t know that it was a raid on an alleged homosexuality party. Segalink has suffered some backlash, even the sexuality blog by YNaija came for his head. Anyways the rule of law on Homosexuality in Nigeria is nothing to toil with, do you know if you witness two homosexuals doing stuff or cohabit with them, you are playing with 10 years in prison?

Simi debuts her acting career


The singer is set to debut her acting career on Kunle Afolayan’s latest body of art, Mokalik. Simi took to her social page to make the announcement yesterday. This will not be the first time artistes venture into acting. One person that has done so well is Falz, he later won an AMVCA award that year.


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