How Davido could have changed the face of the NYSC scheme by Baamofin Lu’Jesha ‏

September 3, 2018

How Davido could have changed the face of the NYSC scheme by Baamofin Lu’Jesha ‏

Davido arrived at the NYSC camp with a caption “tying up all loose ends” on his twitter account. The meaning of that caption is not the talking point but we thought, maybe this is something he can actually see through. He arrived in pomp and pageantry, was treated by camp officials and soldiers alike preferentially, which in itself, an insult to the spirit of the scheme. Davido practically turned the camp to a concert, the soldiers to his personal escorts and the officials his private consorts.

But this is not that story. The story is how the second day after camp, he not only left camp to fly out of the country, he had the balls to post the trip on social media, shitting on all the scheme stood for all these years, after all, he’s just “tying up loose ends”

In saner climes, when a pronounced celebrity embarks on a national compulsory service like that, all eyes are on him, the entire aesthetic of such programmes are beamed from his point of view, from his experiences, he holds the power to effect any kind of change he deemed needed.

Davido was in that position. He had money, dedicating those three weeks to camping duties will not affect his credibility or finances one bit, his fans, the world over would appreciate him more for heeding and obeying the call of duty. They would love him for it.

He also had the chance to show he does not intend to live above the law in his future endeavours, he had the chance to set the trail for others celebrities coming behind him to blaze. Above all, he had the chance to see first hand the travails of the Nigerian youth in camps all over the country. The substandard food, the unfriendly and violent soldiers, the unaccommodating camp officials, the health hazards, he had a chance to witness all that.

He had a chance to talk about it, one tweet here, one Instagram video there, one Snapchat there and the people in authority would take notice. Just because it’s Davido, he will command their attention and things might change for future corp members.

But we will never know since he never stayed in camp.

Written by Baamofin Lu’Jesha


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