How WhatsApp calling feature is helping relationships In Nigeria

September 24, 2018


How WhatsApp calling feature is helping relationships In Nigeria

There was a time when people only had a long conversation on phone with their partner at night because it was free. Only those who were buoyant enough called during the day, and most guys started making excuses for not calling. All that is gone as WhatsApp call feature allows you call for as long as you have good data.

Effective communication helps you understand your partner and develop a bond in your relationship. Though communication is not just about talking, establishing a connection and passion in your partner is paramount. With the advent of the calling feature on WhatsApp, most people have taken it as a replacement to actual calling.

Last year popular OAP and media personality, Toke Makinwa made a viral video about guys and their preferred mode of communication. While some believed it was a good thing, others frowned on her opinion.

Whichever side of the divide you stand, you can at least agree about the following points;

Before WhatsApp calling/video feature there was MTN XTRA COOL

MTN XTRA COOL which started in 2006 was a saving grace to so many relationships. For the uninitiated, the MTN plan allowed you to make calls from the hours of 12 AM – 5 AM for free. I am sure guys that have used the free mid-night call plan will testify to the fact that it helped them save cash and stay in touch with their better half.

If I am out of town, I use the WhatsApp video feature throughout the day, making sure “bae” enjoy the experience I am having as well.

In 2017, MTN stopped the plan stating they were following orders from NCC (Nigeria Communication Commission) to shut it down. Nigerians who were used to free stuff couldn’t resist the use of Whatsapp calling feature as a replacement.

WhatsApp still remains the best option for those in a relationship

Many assume that using WhatsApp call is totally free, but this is not so. Yes, you are not paying a dime to Facebook to use the feature but your network provider gets the cut. Your data suffers from your WhatsApp calls. However, the cost of data you use in calling on WhatsApp is far cheaper than the cost of normal calls during the same duration.

In a country like Nigeria where the standard of living is near the minimum, WhatsApp call has made it economical to service a relationship. Communication is key and the major tool is WhatsApp. This explains why service providers have a huge advertising budget to push tools like WhatsApp to the general public.

I spoke to Tope a banker who spends all her day at work, she said” WhatsApp call has made my life easy, I get to call my hubby when I am home. Sometimes I even sleep off on the phone”

WhatsApp penetration in Nigeria keeps increasing, as of the third quarter of 2017, the most popular social network was WhatsApp with a 41% penetration rate. This explains why Boye says it is his most used app. He says “I can’t do without WhatsApp, I call my girlfriend through the call feature. I can’t imagine if I had to use airtime, I would have been so broke.”

Beyond the ease the platform gives you, the fact that it bridges the communication gap is a big “plus”. For John, he says his better half practically lives with him through the app. “If I am out of town, I use the video feature throughout the day, making sure “bae” enjoy the experience I am having as well”. The feature has brought joy and sadness to most people one way or another. The barrier to making calls is so low anyone can now call you for anything.

What do you think about WhatsApp calling feature, does it help your relationship or not?

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