Nigerian music industry is making an impact on the African continent

September 25, 2018


Nigerian music industry is making an impact on the African continent

During my trip to Accra-Ghana, I listened to a rendition of Asa’s Bibanke at a bar. The live band was explosive, I sat right there in the bar listening to the best of Asa by a foreigner. I have always thought Nigerian music has grown beyond borders and the impact it has, is slowly becoming a global phenomenon. Experiencing it live was another level of astonishment.

My trip to Accra Ghana

From my arrival at the Airport, I took an Uber cab and throughout the trip, he was playing Nigerian songs. I had to ask him, Charley do you understand what the person is saying in the song? He confessed that he couldn’t hear a thing but he likes the beat. My stay in Ghana lasted four days but I realised how much impact Nigerian music has on the country as a whole. This explains why Nigerian artistes go to other African countries and have a sold-out show.

I had an argument with a Ghanaian who was engaging me in the usual “Wizkid-Davido who is better” drama. He had facts that I did not even have, making comparisons with vested knowledge in the Nigerian music industry.

Wizkid performing at 02 Arena

Asking him why Ghanian artistes are not that popular in the African scene, Yao said ”They don’t push themselves and their craft.” This is not to disrespect the hustle of Ghanaian artistes, they have good music as well. Whether they can compete with Nigerian artiste on the world stage is a totally different discussion.

My trip to Togo

Thinking Ghana was just an exception in accepting Nigerian music, I also travelled to Togo which is a francophone country (French speaking). I assumed that I shouldn’t be able to listen to Nigerian music in Togo, but I was disappointed by the radio station playing in my cab. The Kedike coroner’s latest music was playing and I was grooving to the beat.

The Nigerian music industry that started by some people is becoming a widespread phenomenon. The conscious effort on local music is finally paying off. Nigerian songs are slowly becoming national anthems in various countries across the world.

Our artistes are selling out shows like it is normal. The originality of the Nigerian beat is embraced across the world.




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