YC Movie Review

YC Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians is all shades of awesome

September 28, 2018


YC Movie Review: Crazy Rich Asians is all shades of awesome

Who remembers Boys over Flower and the way it rocked our worlds back then? They showed us the affluence of Asians. Gun Ju Pyo was from a rich background and fell in love with a commoner. For once the movie was relatable compared to other Korean movies. Crazy Rich Asians is the senior brother. Almost the same storyline but a sound warning to the rest of the world that Asians are not joking. They plan to take over the world and they made sure every scene of the movie buttressed that.

They used the first scene to show the current relationship between Asians and the western world. Over the years, Asians have taken over economic power slowly. Most manufacturing is done in China, most advancements in tech and medicine are done in India, Japan and other Asian countries.

Did you notice how most of the kids from the movie studied in IVY league schools in the West? It looks like Asian countries made the first step to getting a basic education from the West and built on it to train others. Astrid went to Oxford and was top of her class (Classic Asian style).

The analysis of the social media gossip was so on point. It shows you how words travel first in this new age. Radio 1 Asia. When you are rich, you are rich, no one can take it away from you.

The Shades in no particular order

My best character in the movie
  • Asian kids are well brought up, unlike American kids. They made that clear as much possible.  ( Good culture)
  • Honk Kong Vogue (They wanted theirs so badly and also appear on the actual Vogue magazine
  • Calvin Tein to replace Calvin Kelin
  • They showed the map of Asia to explain how wealth moved
  • She subtlety shade JFK for Singapore Airport.
  • Rockefeller as the name of a dog is a shade.
  • Asian Ellen
  • Children starving in America
  • American standard is not enough in Asia.
  • Parents obsessed with shaping the loves of their kids, unlike America where they ask you to follow your passion.

What struck me

Poverty mindset is difficult to erode, no matter how you coat the person. Being poor is different from having a poverty mindset.

Love conquers everything in this life. No matter the barriers, love has a way of getting things done. It all depends how badly you want it.

Asian tradition is similar to that Africa, the only difference is that they are forward thinking and we are the opposite.

Nicks mother (put family first), was to study law but dropped out to help her husband. Most of our mothers made the same sacrifice. Though, things are changing these days.

The church wedding was phenomenal, I have not seen anything like it. I am sure that some event planners will take a few notes to replicate that. The whole wedding proceeding was fantastic, at the Cinema the ladies couldn’t keep calm. Looking forward to a day when we would have an African movie done by Africans on the world stage and not African-Americans.

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