The “why” generation are almost here

October 2, 2018


The “why” generation are almost here

I think it is safe to establish the fact that we all want to succeed in life. No one wants to fail or be termed a failure. Politicians, business moguls, doctors, lawyers, all of us. We all want to succeed but the issue remains the metrics of success.

What do we want to succeed at? To the current President, he feels he is succeeding and doing the right things based on his vanity metrics. I have seen so many people lash out at Mr VP saying the man used to be an astute man who wouldn’t do anything to harm anyone.

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If you talk to him, he will tell you this government is doing it best. Now that we have established that we are all trying to succeed rather than embracing our failure, we can go into why Nigeria is still facing the same problems 16+ years in democracy, 58+ years in independence. Our main problem is the questions we are asking.

The “why” generation is here

Simon Sinek – who has one of the most watched TEDx videos — says to tackle anything in life, start with the “why”. A generation that needs answers is almost here. They will want to know what makes Nigeria a country in the first place. Why did we have independence? Why did the standard of education drop? Why did a Cocoa producing country stop exporting?

They will ask us questions that will shake our whole existence. Instead of dabbling in conversation about the problems, they will choose to ask questions. They will question everything we hold dear to us as a nation, our value system, our rationale behind everything.

It is like kids who constantly ask “why” from their parents. This generation of people will determine the future of this great nation. Are you one of them?

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