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3 reasons why King of Boys movie by Kemi Adetiba might be a blockbuster

October 10, 2018


3 reasons why King of Boys movie by Kemi Adetiba might be a blockbuster

In the history of Nollywood, we have seen several action “blockbusters” that got everyone talking–The likes of Derico acted by Emeka Ike or the Isakaba boys or Squad 23. These movies remind you of where the industry is coming from and how we got here.

However, things have changed for the better, with entries from people like Kemi Adetiba, EbonyLife Films and others. The industry has had a very significant change in the type of movies that become blockbusters. What makes a movie a blockbuster is a huge budget, top stars as main characters, a top distribution company and great publicity. Kemi Adetiba has everything on lockdown, just take a look at the official website for King of Boys.

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Kemi Adetiba set out late last year to co-produce her first movie alongside her brother as well, Remi Adetiba and Kene Okwuosa. The trio set out to blow the minds of Nigerians with their movie. Kemi is about to attempt something very unique here, most popular movies are romance, comedy or a mixture of both. She is doing something different, which is why I looked at three reasons why King of Boys is likely going to be a major blockbuster.


Kemi Adetiba is known for her visual prowess, she came to limelight as a director with the first sequel of The Wedding Party. It was the talk of the town, but beyond that, Kemi has proven to be a juggernaut who only wants to do top class work. Let’s not forget her King Women series that broke the internet or the visuals for Falz’s Child of the world. Kemi who is the daughter of highly celebrated Dele Adetiba — a veteran in the advertising and broadcasting industries — has a lot to prove. Anything Kemi touches turns to gold so far.


King of Boys follows the story of Alhaja Eniola Salami (Shola Shobowale), a businesswoman and philanthropist with a checkered past and a promising political future. She is a pillar of society — loved by many, feared by most, and truly known by a select few. For those who are movie buffs, you must have seen Goodfellas or The Godfather or American Gangster. King of Boys storyline is not too far from those movies I mentioned earlier. Shola Shobowale will have to show her power and test loyalty among her subordinates, including her daughter. This gives me goosebumps already and I can’t wait to see aunty Shobowale do justice to the role.


Unlike most Nigerian movies you see in the Cinema, King of Boys has taken Kemi almost 6 months in post-production — From January where the last shot was made. For most Nigerian movies, it is barely weeks or two months maximum in post-production. This only shows how detailed the visuals would be, she is definitely making sure this is a movie we can all be proud to watch. The trailer says it all, pictures by top-class photographer Remi Adetiba came in handy. There is nothing like a family that works together to achieve a common goal.

King of Boys will be premiered in an exclusive screening on 26th October, afterwards, the world can watch. I will definitely get back to you on my findings after watching the movie.



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