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How to spot a f*ckboy in Nigeria

October 16, 2018


How to spot a f*ckboy in Nigeria

F*ckboys, players or #MenAreScums, whatever you call them are everywhere. How do you spot them miles away before they cause you harm is a question I am about to answer. From my experience with some of them, I have figured out their pattern of play and my fellow ladies won’t fall for their tricks anymore.

He is likely going to sweep you off your feet

They are very good at compliments, even when you know they are just “wyning” you. This is a smart move from them because they know that you will start craving for their attention. Ladies with low self-esteem fall prey to this, you don’t need a guy to tell you how sexy and beautiful you are. You are your biggest fan.

He is going to promise you several things

They’re going to make insane plans with you. I once had a guy who promised to take me to Dubai in less than a week we met (I know, INSANE right?). Just keep an eye out for any promises or plans that seem too advanced or too good to be true.

He is fond of sexting at midnight

If he is texting you at 2AM in the morning for a booty call or nudes, he is a f*ckboy. They also always make things unnecessarily sexual.

Every chance he gets he asks you for sex

If he is truly in love and into you why the rush on sex? Ladies don’t fall that crap anymore. If you are truly in love when I want to have sex I will let you know. Until we realize that we call the shots in our relationships the better for us.

He is not interested in seeing your family nor you seeing his family

That is a red flag right there, break it up. Don’t waste your time with him, this for those who are planning to marry though. If you are still in school you shouldn’t bother about this.

He hardly talks about his ambitions or plans to make it

You shouldn’t have anything to do with anyone who is not ready to make something out of life. If he is not talking to you about his plans, you either not in his plans or a side chic. Break it off.

Anyways I have said it all, but I am sure you will still date a fu*ck boy one way or another. Can we do without them? Have you seen any pattern that I have not mentioned, please feel free to tell me? I want to keep updating this guide for ladies.





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