Water Water Water

October 19, 2018


Water Water Water

There is this popular song that Fela sang which says Water E No Get Enemy which is very true. As a child drinking water felt like punishment because I did not see the reason why I had to always drink water while eating.

Today I know better as to why water is too important to the survival of humans. From studies which I have come across, it is said that a human can not survive more than 7 days without consuming water.

As you get older it is advisable that you consume more water because due to the increase in the percentage of what your body is made up of which can be as high as 60% of water. Although you get some percentage of water from food the best source of water is still from the amount you drink.

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More Reasons why you should Consume Water

Consumption of Water helps your body function

Like I said earlier, your body is made up of about 60% water as you get older, so drinking water helps to maintain the fluids in your body. The function of these fluids includes Digestion, absorption, circulation, the creation of saliva, transportation of nutrients, and maintenance of body temperature.

Water is a Perfect Weight Loss Stimulant

There is actually no magic behind this but that when you replace water with all those high calories filled drinks, you loose weight faster. For years now, dieters have been using this strategy which works perfectly.

Also consuming meals or fruits with more water content in them also helps a lot.

Water helps your skin to keep looking good and it also helps in energizing your muscles.

Water helps your Kidneys function properly and also helps your bowels function normally.

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Quick Tips for those that find Water Boring

  • Always have a beverage or a drink with any meal or snack you take.
  • Choose drinks that you enjoy with your meal as that will help you consume more fluids without you knowing.
  • Always have a bottle of water around you. in your room, Office, Bag or Car.
  • Take more of Fruits and Vegetables as they contain fluids.


I started loving Water since I found out that it helps me stay healthier. You should try water today.

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