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Word on the Street: Nnamdi Kanu resurfaces, crisis in Kaduna and more

October 22, 2018


Word on the Street: Nnamdi Kanu resurfaces, crisis in Kaduna and more

Hello friends, hope you had a splendid weekend, I know I did. Today on Word on the Street, we bring you some of the buzzing stories we heard during the weekend.

Ready to start your day on an informed note? Read on.

Nnamdi Kanu resurfaces

Nnamdi Kanu in Jerusalem

Remember Nnamdi Kanu, British-Nigerian pro-Biafran hero (or zero depending on where you’re standing), who disappeared a little over a year ago? Many feared that the Nigerian government had killed him and dumped his body somewhere.

Turns out he’s been hiding in Jerusalem and conveniently resurfaced this past weekend. In a video making rounds on social media, Nnamdi is seen praying in Jerusalem. Yesterday, via a Radio Biafra broadcast, the IPOB leader said he’s coming home and bring hell with him, among other things.

Before then, we read that Lai Mohammed, Nigeria’s Minister of Information and Culture reportedly said Nigeria would attack Israel if Nnamdi Kanu is not deported back to Nigeria. Sounded too hilarious to be real so we’ll say it is fake news.

Violence in Kaduna

On Friday, news of killings in the Kaduna metropolis broke. According to reports, 55 people were killed in the violent attacks. It is said that the the crisis was an extension of the Plateau state incident a few weeks ago which led to scores of death.

Following the attacks on Friday, yesterday, enraged youth reportedly burnt old tyres along Katsina road, Ibrahim Taiwo road, Lagos street and Ahmadu Bello way.

In the wake of all the violence, the Kaduna state government placed a 24-hour curfew on Kaduna town and its environs.

Tax-free sanitary pad

There has always been a conversation on how sanitary pads are too expensive in Nigeria. At ₦400 on average, many young girls, especially those in rural Nigeria cannot afford it.

Apparently, there’s a 5% tax on every pad sold and Nigerians on social media were calling on the government to remove the tax to enable more young girls have access to affordable sanitary pads.

Let’s note that without the tax, pads will still cost ₦380, which is still not affordable. Instead of focusing on finding a viable alternative, our friends on Twitter were fighting over who started the movement. Oh well.

Fashion statements at King of Boys premiere

Kemi Adetiba’s long awaited blockbuster is finally out. At the movie premiere yesterday, many of her colleagues in the entertainment industry came out en masse to support her, in grand style.

To check out the different outfits that made it to the red carpet yesterday, use the #kingOfBoysPremiere hashtag on Twitter and Instagram. Peep Kemi’s outfit, gorge!

That’s all we. Have a great week ahead.

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