The rise of the Instagram Slay Queens and the Kings who follow them

October 24, 2018


The rise of the Instagram Slay Queens and the Kings who follow them

Recently, Symply Tasha — a new entrant in the SLAY Queens world — was accused of building her followership on Instagram by “twerking”. This is becoming a norm where young girls decide to use their body to gain followers. What is going on?

Roman Goddess, the President of SLAY QUEEN Association

First Of All, Guys

Okay, I am talking specifically to guys here. Just follow me for a moment, okay? Has there been any time that you were prowling through your social media pages, you know, as everyone does at least once a day and you come across a lovely lady that looked absolutely yummy in some skimpy wear that barely covered the essentials?

JaneMena a popular Slay Queen

The babe then, of course, had the body to pull that wear off and your brain shut down for a few seconds. After rebooting your hand then, seemingly of its own accord moved to the “View Profile” button, you know to see if she could be your long lost cousin, I mean anything is possible, right? (thunder fire you there!)

On getting to her page, you see more of the same kind of pictures, even a video where she was doing nothing useful but making googly eyes and twerking at the camera. Ah, the spirit of curiosity now descends upon you all of a sudden, so you can give yourself an excuse to keep scrolling through her page.

Roman Goddess Shows Off The High Profile People Waiting In Her DM And Donjazzy Is Among

After spending about an hour and 500MB (out of the 1Gigabyte of data that you could afford) on her page, you now “decided” to kuku follow her, maybe she can even give you “inspiration” for the female wear fashion line you dreamt that you were destined to found, abi, entrepreneurship is the way to go na.

This all sounds funny, but it happens more than we might accept. Go through the “following” page of almost every Nigerian guy, and you will find probably at least a third of the accounts they follow belonging to these “Instagram slay queens” or “Instagram models” or “Instagram twerkers”. This is also not localized to Instagram alone, happens across all social media platforms. So the question is, what is happening, exactly guys?

Second Of All, Girls

Sex pays on Instagram.

Okay, so now to the ladies. It seems the widespread adoption of social media and its attendant fame and financial opportunities has opened up a whole can of worms, as it were.

It now seems like every lady with a decent camera phone and a killer body has found a career on Instagram and there is no shortage of boys and men to follow them.

I have seen and heard several instances of ladies having paltry hundreds of followers and all of a sudden they start raking in thousands of followers as soon as they start showing some skin and some twerking — no value exchange.

This trend is not peculiar to Nigeria alone, all over the world, the same thing is happening. Some go as far as paying professional photographers thousands of dollars to take nude or semi-nude pictures to be posted on Instagram. The hustle for followers is real.

Although, when one sits down to understand how much money can be made from followers on Instagram, some guys will go topless too if only they had those money makers (*wink).

I read on the Bazaar Harper page that Kim Kardashian can make up to $500,000 per post!! Let that sink in for a bit. In fact, that is too far from home, let’s come home to Nigeria. Maraji, the popular Instagram comedian is known to collect between ₦500,000 to  ₦1,000,000 for posts, yeah, that’s right.

Now she is not one of the slay queens, but that is to show you the power of followership (she has 954k), it literally translates to money.

Third Of All, What Is Happening?

Yes, indeed, what is happening? You see, in this same country, some decades ago, the mere sight of a lady in underwear in public was an event similar to a solar eclipse.

Now over the years, those values have gradually eroded and now we are left with 13-year-olds wearing flimsy nothings and sticking out there developing female parts, pouting for the camera to post on social media.

Let us ask ourselves, what has happened to us?

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