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Word on the Street: Seun Kuti bags Grammy nomination, about President Buhari’s WAEC result and more

October 29, 2018


Word on the Street: Seun Kuti bags Grammy nomination, about President Buhari’s WAEC result and more

Hello friends, a new week begins, are you ready to conquer? I would tell you the story of how I tried Indomie Relish this past weekend, but I don’t want to bore you with the details of my experience. Long story short, I saw terrible things. Now, to Word on the Street.

Seun Kuti nominated for a Grammy Award

Seun Kuti nominated for Grammy

Seun Kuti, Son of Afrobeats Legend Femi Kuti has been nominated for the 61st Grammy Award coming up in February, 2019.

His fourth Album titled Black Times was nominated in the Best World Music Album category.

Trivia time! Did you know that Femi Kuti, Seun’s older brother has been nominated four times in the same category? I didn’t either. We need to bring that Grammy home this time, go vote for Seun Kuti if you can.

From Nigeria to the world!

Where is President Buhari’s WAEC result?

This was the golden question of the entire weekend. It all began when Punch reported that yet again, just like during the 2015 elections, President Buhari has failed to present his WAEC result and other documents to INEC. Instead, he submitted an affidavit that claims that his documents are in the custody of the Nigerian Army.

However, according to a report circulating social media, apparently by NTA, a spokesman of the Nigerian Army said Bubu’s WAEC certificate/ result is not in his personal file.

Now, I have two questions. First, who should we believe, Bubu or the army? Second, when did NTA start reporting stories that paint the ruling administration in a bad light?

If you have answers, please help me in the comments section.

Port Harcourt international airport has a new terminal

Ever heard gist of the southern city’s international airport terminal? You’ll hear words like ‘trash”, “canopy” and “worst”. If you’ve been there then you know how it is. Anyway, that’s no longer the case.

Last week, the Port Harcourt international airport’s new state of the art terminal was commissioned.

According to reports, it has 24 check-in counters, 28,000 square meters of floor space (more than 2,000 square meters of duty free shopping space), 16 immigration points at departure. Nice!

Political Twitter was dragging who should get credit for the project, the GEJ-led administration or that of PMB? Who cares really?

My hope is that the Aviation Minister’s promise to fix other airports across the country will happen in this lifetime and that they maintain this one well.

Yet another negative ranking for Nigeria

Did you know that Nigeria is one of the top three leading contributors to the global prevalence of developmental disabilities in children? This is the result of a research sponsored by the Global Research on Developmental Disabilities Collaborators (GRDDC).

The research reveals that Nigeria, China and India have the highest number of children with developmental conditions including hearing loss, vision loss, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, autism spectrum disorder, attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, learning disorders, intellectual disability and Down’s syndrome.

Worrisome stuff. This is a wakeup call for relevant authorities in child healthcare. I hope.

The Islamic Movement of Nigeria VS the Nigerian Army in Abuja

According to a statement by the Nigerian Army, members of the Islamic Movement of Nigeria attacked troops on escort duty from Abuja to Kaduna.

The confrontation occurred while the Islamic group was on a procession. They reportedly mounted illegal road blocks preventing citizens from passing. When the soldiers attempted to clear the road blocks, they were attacked by members of the group with stones and other “dangerous” stuff, destroying military and civilian vehicles.

This, and other things that transpired afterwards prompted the soldiers to open fire, leading to the death of 3 members of the Islamic sect and injury of 2 members of the army troop.

Other sources claim that the men of the Nigerian Army present at the scene were just shooting indiscriminately. I watched the video, I saw soldiers shooting and young men throwing things at them.

My problem with the whole situation is that it put innocent people in harm’s way and that is not acceptable.

Dahsall, have a great week. Go ye and conquer.

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