FACT CHECKED: Ibukun Awosika never granted any interview

November 20, 2018


FACT CHECKED: Ibukun Awosika never granted any interview

A popular newspaper claimed they conducted an interview with Ibukun Awosika (Chairman, First Bank Nigeria.) In the interview she was quoted saying, ”I still kneel before my husband despite my achievement, he is the head of the home”. She has reacted to the news yesterday saying she never granted such interview.

The interview on the Nation newspaper on Sunday

The question is who is telling the truth, the newspaper who published a full-blown interview with a sensational headline or Ibukun Awosika who claims she never had an interview with the newspaper. Most online platforms who copied stories have retracted the stories as at the time of this story. This is not the first time the media will be accused incompetent.

She said, “My attention has been drawn to an interview that was supposedly held with me by a reporter from one of the local dailies in Nigeria. I can confirm to you authoritatively that I did not grant any such interview. The whole interview was cooked up. It’s unimaginable that someone will engage in such unethical practices by cooking up questions and answers as if they actually had an interview with me.”

The question now is how did The Nation newspaper develop a lengthy interview without interviewing her? As of this morning, The Nation newspaper has deleted the story from their online platform, as for print version, the damage has been done. On Google, the story still retains the first article to read since other media platforms copied and pasted from them. Incidents like this cripple media organizations especially when the other party is ready to take legal actions.

In the coming days, we would know if Ibukun Awosika is going to take further action towards the newspaper.

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