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Word on the Street: OAP Tosyn Bucknor dies at 37, Blac Chyna wants you to bleach your skin and more

November 21, 2018


Word on the Street: OAP Tosyn Bucknor dies at 37, Blac Chyna wants you to bleach your skin and more

Friends, welcome to a brand new day. Trust you’re well rested from yesterday’s holiday. The hustle continues! Here are a few stories you might have missed yesterday.

Rest in peace Tosyn with a Y

For those that didn’t know who Tosyn Bucknor was, she was a radio presenter, journalist and vlogger. According to reports, she was found dead in her home by her French husband on Monday night. She was 37 years old.

Cause of death has not been confirmed but many people suspect sickle cell anaemia as the culprit.

Tosyn was pretty vocal about her condition, she even set up These Genes Project some years ago to help other people who were dealing with the condition.

Before she died, Tosyn hosted a morning show on Inspiration FM and had previously worked in other radio stations including Cool FM and Top Radio. She was nominated for several awards for her exemplary work on radio.

Suffice to say that Tosyn achieved a lot, and touched many lives. I pray for the repose of her soul and comfort for her family and friends.

Rest in peace Tosyn with a Y.

Instagram is making some changes

Since follower counts on social media platforms have become measures of people’s influence, many users go to any lengths to grow their follower count.

Some to the extent of buying fake followers and using third-party apps for inauthentic likes and spammy comments. They also use them to follow others, then unfollow them with the hope of growing their audience.

Instagram has just about had it with people like this as they violate its policy. The company will now disconnect these apps from accounts that use them, and send them messages to change their passwords. It will also delete fake followers and likes, so such accounts will see a significant drop in their follower count or activity.

Failure to change their passwords would impact the user’s experience on the platform, or cause Instagram to terminate such accounts.

Goodluck Jonathan’s “star-studded” book launch

To clarify, the “stars” in attendance were politicians from Nigeria and other parts of Africa. Yesterday, which also happened to be his birthday, former president Goodluck Jonathan launched his book titled My Transition Hour at the Transcorp Hilton hotel in Abuja.

From the title, you can deduce that the former president documented the events that led to his defeat at the 2015 election polls and how he “saved the country” from what could have been a major crisis by conceding to Bubu. He did great.

Would you cop the book when it’s finally made available to the general public? Let’s discuss in the comments section.

Blac Chyna is coming to Nigeria

Bet you probably already knew that, from many Word on the Street editions ago. Anyway, the American model is coming to sell her whitening face cream to Nigerians on November 25.

Seeing that Nigeria has the highest users of bleaching products in Africa, Blac Chyna chose her target audience wisely. She’s teaming up with Dencia, owner of Whitenicious and Bobrisky, two Nigerians who know the whitening business like the back of their own hands.

Even though it is understandable that many Nigerians are calling Blac Chyna out on social media, there’s no doubt that she’s simply a business woman trying to make some money. She saw an opportunity and she seized it. She’s after all not the reason for the low self esteem of many Nigerian women who choose to bleach their skins.

This is however not an endorsement for skin bleaching. It’s a disgusting and unhealthy thing to do to your skin. Don’t do it.

That’s all for today. Go ye and kick ass.

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